Hello Cuba! is a film that focuses on a group of neighbors living along a quiet suburban street about 15 minutes from the center of Havana by taxi. The people along this street are just emerging from a 60 year-long economic embargo that effectively left the island frozen in time.

To the average eye, Calle Figueroa may seem like an ordinary street – but that’s why we chose it: because it is ordinary. The street could be confused for one in my own city of Los Angeles except for the American cars dating from the 1950’s bumping along the pock-marked street long overdue for a fixing.

Along with the houses built in the 30’s and 40’s, there are a few cafes – recently turned privately owned – there is a beauty parlor, a produce market, a school and a park. We were knocked out by how welcoming and funny and smart everyone was. I had the sense that in these short four blocks, we were able to capture on film a cross-section of everyday Cubans and that our film captures the spirit of who these people really are.